How we raise our puppies

How We Raise Our Puppies

Mental Development and Stimulation

  • our puppies are raised in our home or co-owning home to ensure exposure to the sounds, activities and smells of a typical home
  • Biosensor exercises from day 3-16
  • new unique scent introduced daily from day 3-16
  • large indoor puppy pen in our kitchen filled with opportunities for problem solving
  • very large outdoor puppy pen filled with more opportunities for problem solving
  • training/conditioning to come, introduction to crates and car rides

Social Development

  • our puppies are raised in our home to ensure regular interaction with people
  • dam has free access to the puppies until they go home
  • interaction with our other dog(s) if appropriate
  • our puppies meet an average of 50 people before they leave our home

Physical Development

  • outings on the property/outdoors,
  • wading pools,
  • large indoor and outdoor puppy pens filled with physical challenges
  • introduction to housebreaking
  • highest quality nutrition


  • dams fed a top-rated food throughout the pregnancy (for example according to ratings on, currently we are feeding The Honest Kitchen with good results
  • introduction to solid food at 4-5 weeks
  • our feedings and supplements rotate and are seasonal; please inquire about details by email


  • regular deworming
  • first set of shots
  • health check from veterinarian
  • microchipping and chip registration with AKC Reunite
  • blood sent for DNA testing of carrier status for ENM and vWd for selected puppies


  • conformation: structure and type
  • Temperament testing using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and if possible Avidog