First litter – Amica


Waterbound First Class Flight “Amica” & Rabouz Baltazar “Texas”


Born: 11/2/14 at 3:45 pm

Weight: 283 gr at birth; male

IMG_7418 IMG_7437 IMG_7452 IMG_7440 IMG_7462 IMG_7482 IMG_7491 IMG_7498 IMG_7509 IMG_7519

Second week of life:

IMG_7626 IMG_7622 IMG_7603 IMG_7597 IMG_7563 IMG_7558 IMG_7556 IMG_7546 IMG_7571


Third week of life: Primus is a lucky boy and able to move in with a litter of English Setter puppies that is one week younger. He was accepted without any problems. IMG_7733 IMG_7690 IMG_7678 IMG_7675 IMG_7661 IMG_7653 IMG_7638 IMG_0469 IMG_0466 IMG_0460


Fourth week of life: Primus is growing and exploring. Amica is doing well too. She did not miss her singleton puppy too much.

IMG_7888 IMG_7885 IMG_7870 IMG_7861 IMG_7833 IMG_7791 IMG_7776 IMG_7770 IMG_7757


Almost 5th week of life Golden Gate Primus is active and snuggly.

IMG_8016 IMG_8013 IMG_7997 IMG_7995 IMG_7994 IMG_7946 IMG_7933 IMG_7931

6th week old now. Primus aka “Rocket” is full of energy. His coat is so fluffy. He played with our 16 year old senior girl Nelle (Nelleke-Lara van de Kooikerexpres) today.

IMG_8383 IMG_8352 IMG_8342 IMG_8340 IMG_8336 IMG_8310 IMG_8297 IMG_8200 IMG_8197 IMG_8156 IMG_8125 IMG_8124 IMG_8059 IMG_8048

7th week of Golden Gate Primus’ exciting life! Day he passed his puppy aptitude test with flying colors. We are particularly pleased about his retrieve exercise since we aim for breeding working/performance Kooikers.

IMG_8408 IMG_8428 IMG_8436

With his new family in Napa, CA:


at 6 months with his dad Texas on the right – see the similarity?


right side; 6 months old

Rocket in class

At 5 months in puppy class


front; 6 months


6 months

At 6 months; looking like his mom Amica


At 7 months swimming with the kids


At 7 months; handsome boy who loves the sprinkler


Rocket at 7 months in Northern California


Free stack at 7 months – heart on his right side is still a little visible

It is with deep sadness, that our first born, our precious singleton puppy, Rocket died in a car accident right before turning one year of age.  He will never be forgotten. Our hearts reach out to his family who misses him dearly.

Please go to litter plans for our current breeding plans.


We are looking for performance (i.e agility and search and rescue) homes for upcoming litters in the future. To be considered contact us.

Amica (L) & Texas (R)

Amica (L) & Texas (R)

Amica (L) & Texas (R)

Amica (L) & Texas (R)



Rabouz Baltazar Texas a male Kooikerhondje

Texas facing right

Rabouz Baltazar Texas a male Kooikerhondje

Texas facing left

Rabouz Baltazar Texas a male Kooikerhondje

Texas smiling

Rabouz Baltazar Texas a male Kooikerhondje

Texas weaving through agility poles


Amica facing right

Amica facing right

Amica facing left

Amica facing left



Amica on the California coast

Amica on the California coast

Height: 15.6 inches/39.6 centimeters
Weight: 23 lbs/10.4 kilograms
American Kennel Club
Excellent Agility Jumper 3 May 2014

Health Tests

ENM: not a carrier University of Utrecht 2014-05-13

vWD: free University of Utrecht 2014-05-13

CERF: Normal # KOO-EYE14/42M-PI

Patella: Normal 2011 – 12 – 19 Sjödahl-Essén Titti, Sweden

Hips: HD A, excellent 2011 – 12 – 19 Djursjukhuset Albano, Sweden

A little bit about Rabouz Baltazar “Texas”

– Competes in highest level of agility in Sweden and USA (AKC)
– Qualified for 2014 AKC Invitational, won one leg towards the Swedish Championship 2014
Texas is a high drive Kooiker but loves to snuggle with us any chance he can get
– He is independent but still affectionate and social

Height: 16.3 inches/41.5 centimeters
Weight: 27 lbs/12.2 kilograms
California OES Certified Wilderness Search Dog

Link to all five health tests Click Here>>>

A little bit about Waterbound First Class Flight “Amica”

Amica is a sweet and balanced female Kooiker.

— She is obedient, easy to train, persistent and has endurance.
— She loves to perform
— She recently certified as a search and rescue dog for wilderness level 2 terrain
— Obedience classes are easy for her. She doesn’t loose focus or eye contact
— She is not interested in hunting usually walks off leash in the city
— At home, she likes her toys and playing


See the pedigrees of Rabouz Baltazar & Waterbound First Class Flight