Toni Successfully Recertified As A Therapy Dog

  • October 2, 2012

We are very proud of our 3 year old Kooikerhondje boy Toni who passed the re-certification test as a Pet Partner (formally Delta Society) Therapy Dog! This test requires re-certification every two years and includes:

  • Accepting a Friendly Stranger—greets appropriately
  • Accepting Petting—allows stranger to pet while remaining seated
  • Appearance and Grooming—allows handling; appearance appropriate
  • Walk on a Loose Leash—no pulling, sniffing, struggling
  • Walking Through a Crowd—keeps focus on handler
  • Reaction to Distractions—remains calm and focused on handler
  • Sit on Command
  • Down on Command
  • Stay in Place – 15 seconds with handler 10 feet away
  • Come When Called
  • Reaction to Neutral Dog – sits politely at handler’s side when another team approached
  • Overall Body Exam – touched and handled all over body by tester
  • Exuberant, Clumsy Petting – dog remains calm and under control
  • Restraining Hug – dog tolerates a sudden whole body hug
  • Staggering / Gesturing Individual – dog is confident when strange person approaches with a halting gait, crying out in pain
  • Angry Yelling – dog remains calm
  • Bumped from Behind – dog recovers quickly when gently bumped
  • Crowded Petting – dog remains calm when surrounded by people all trying to pet the dog at once
  • Leave It – dog can pass by a favorite toy / treat on the floor when commanded by handler
  • Take a Treat Gently

The most difficult parts of the test were the restraining hug by a male who was leaning over Toni and to remain calm around a very sweet dog Toni was really interested in.

A Kooiker is probably not a born therapy dog but as you see, it is possible.

Toni von Chicostein A Kooikerhondje Male

Toni on Crissy Field in front of the Golden Gate Bridge