Cow Palace Dog Show in San Francisco January 28th 2017

  • January 29, 2017


Since Amica is spayed, she didn’t show in breed but we are so happy that she got her second obedience Novice A leg with 192 points and a second place. Without practicing…she is such a good girl. Waterbound First Class Flight – Amica

Golden Gate Flash with junior handler Toby did an excellent job at almost one year old being shown in breed.

Toni’s granddaughter Waterbound Joy attended her first show at 10 months old. She loved everybody.

Etaika’s Lucky Luke’s son Carousel Duke of Dude also attended and walked away with many points. A great debut for his 18 months of age.


Texas and Primadonnaa enjoying the petting and meeting people

Waterbound Joy getting ready to be shown in puppy class

Waterbound Amica in obedience

Amica – long sit

Amica – long down

Carousel Duke of Dude

Black Amiikos Primadonnaa attracting the children

Waterbound Joy – 10 months old

Black Amiikos Piek and Carousel Duke of Dude

Waterbound Joy

Golden Gate Flash

Golden Gate Flash

Rabouz Balthazar “Texas”


Carousel Duke of Dude

Golden Gate Flash

Golden Gate Flash in Junior Showmanship