Litter Plans

2018 Litter Plans

Ayla-Ati vom Fantasieschloss had her first litter born on April 26th 2018. Please go to our offspring page to learn more about them. It was a dual sire litter of two wonderful stud dogs and father’s will be announced once the DNA profile results return from the AKC. We hope that there will be puppies from both sires. All puppies are spoken for.

Please fill out our questionnaire if you are interested in a puppy for future litters.

How To Contact US About Litters

Golden Gate Kooikers Questionnaire

Average cost for a puppy from us: 2500$

Astro from Wonderland, a male kooikerhondje. Photo Courtesy of Henna Palmunen

Astro from Wonderland. Photo Courtesy of Henna Palmunen.


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